Extroverts Welcomed Here!

           Extroverts Welcomed Here!


TOTALEXTROVERT.COM is a site devoted to extroverts! Are you extroverted? If so, you will love the interesting, bold designs from this store. See more extroverted gifts here!


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Our Story


"The get pitted surfer guy" 

Hello. I'm Micah. Some know me from internet fame as "The Get Pitted Surfer Dude." But I'm really just a nice and normal guy that had some fun putting on a character for the camera.


I was born and raised in Orange County, California and have been surfing and snowboarding for my whole life. In the winter time, I spend my days on the slopes. Come summertime, I live in the ocean. I began teaching snowboarding ten years ago in Big Bear for Big Bear Ski Resort. I started teaching surfing back in high school during which time I became a certified surfing instructor.


I enjoy working surf enthusiasts of all ages and ability levels. Kids to seniors, beginners to competition level, I got you covered! I've also worked with special needs students in the past.


Book a lesson and discover all the wonders of surfing today!!



  • $80/ 60 minute private surf lesson for one person with GoPro video
  • $130/ 120 minute private surf lesson for one person with GoPro video
  • $160/ 60 minute private surf lesson for two people with GoPro video
  • $260/120 minute private surf lesson for two for two hours with GoPro video

Lesson includes board and wet suit rental!!! 

(Our surf lessons are flexible. We can work out a special price for groups larger than two people). 

 10% discount for a package of 5 sessions!


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A store for the extrovert in you. Discover us today & use GETPITTED15 for 15% off your first order!